Service Tiers: Helpr is designed as a preventative maintenance service, and recommends that your home be tended to on a monthly basis. We provide these services at a monthly cost according to the square footage of your home. 
  • Clean hood vent filter

  • Replace vaccum filter

  • Lubricate sliding door tracks

  • Put hoses out & remove spigot covers

  • Remove exterior crawl space covers

  • Clean out window sills


  • Service garage door & lubricate springs

  • Change Smoke/CO detector batteries

  • Replace refrigerator water filter

  • Clean HVAC return vents

  • Clean dishwasher filter & water jets

  • Vaccum & clean outdoor dryer vent

  • Replace exterior lightbulbs as needed

  • Check exterior hose spigots

  • Remove porch & entry cobwebs

  • Clean shower heads and faucet aerators

  • Repair shower & faucet dripping

  • Clean & lubricate vent fan

  • Repair running toilets

  • Repair shower, tub & sink caulking

  • Clear shower & sink drains

  • Test smoke/CO detectors

  • Replace lightbulbs as needed

  • Replace HVAC filter

  • Service household hardware


Kitchen & Utility
  • Clean refrigerator seals

  • Replace coffee filter

  • Vaccum out dryer vent

  • Clean and sharpen disposal

  • Inspect/repair kitchen faucet

  • Check fire extinguishers

Helpr provides you with a monthly service plan to ensure that your home is being regularly maintained.