A La Carte Services


Helpr understands that your home needs might differ from your neighbors. Therefore, we also offer an A La Carte list, where you can mix and match according to your current need.

Freshener: Monthly freshen up your washing machine, dishwasher, coffee maker, and disposal with an Affresh tablet which reduces mineral build up in your dishwasher & coffee maker, and reduces odors & mildew in your washing machine.



Natural Sealing: Helpr uses DuPont sealer for granite and marble countertop. Since natural stone is porous by nature it can stain easily, but sealing it annually ensures optimal protection and easier daily clean-up. It takes Helpr approximately a hour per room to seal counters. 


Refrigerator: Keep your refrigerator smelling fresh and your produce lasting longer!  Helpr will install an O3 Pure Fridge Deodorizer and Food Preserver that will extend food life, reduces food spoilage, promotes a clean refrigerator environment and eliminates odors!


Helpr for a Day: If you need an extra hand setting up for a party, cleaning out your garage or back to school organization. Hire a helpr for a day. It can include any of the following and at an easy hourly rate. 


Power Washing

Gutter Cleaning

Installation of Wall Mount TV

Computer & Router Set-Up

Moving Furniture in Home

General Demolition Work

Installation of New Fan or Light

Minor Plumbing & Electrical



Hanging Pictures

Installation of Blinds & Curtains

Assembling Furniture

Moving Boxes to the Attic

Fence Repair

Weeding & Mulching Flower Beds

Household Repairs & Maintenance


List goes on. If you need it done, Helpr is here to Help!

Helpr Partners: Helpr also partners with pre-screened and licensed service technicians that can take care of any major plumbing, electrical or other related needs.  Need the outside of your home re caulked and painted or your junk hauled off?  Helpr is here to coordinate your household needs.  Its more convenient for Helpr to be your one stop shop!

estimates are provided at a competitive cost.

Helpr Electronics: Let Helpr plan a complete schematic for those wires you can't stand hanging out behind your desk or tv. Let us design a custom plan to meet your wire needs, and you'll never have to see a wire again!